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The Miracle MindsetStories of How A Change in Thinking Changes Your Life!

Are miracles just for the religious and spiritual? Can everyone experience miracles in their lives? A Course in Miracles clearly states that miracles are natural. They are everyone's right and all we have to do is learn how to have them show up in our lives. And that is what the stories in this book illustrate.

The stories in this book are all real accounts of how these businesswomen, friends, reverends, and students of A Course in Miracles experienced miracles in their lives. These are their stories of hope and inspiration that demonstrate how they have turned their world upside down to get their life right-side up by changing their mindset from negative to positive - from fearful to loving.

If you are interested in having miracles appear in your life, it is time to learn how to develop The Miracle Mindset. The stories in this book illustrate how miracles are everyone's right, and how they occur naturally. However, most of us need some practice in recognizing miracles as A Course in Miracles defines them. Simply put, a miracle is a shift in perception from thinking with fear to thinking with love, and our authors share how they made that shift.

Best of all, this book is interactive and uses QR codes to access videos, music, meditations, and even free downloads to help you develop your Miracle Mindset.